Sunday, March 4

Co-working in Vancouver

This comes by way of Duncan Rawlinson. A good follow up to my previous post on the co-working space Hat Factory in Dogpatch San Francisco. All I can say is this video makes me want to move to Vancouver tomorrow. It's not just the most beautiful co-working space ever it's bloody amazing. Wide open views overlooking the bay and mountains in Vancourver. Amazing.

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Workspace was on Canada AM (a national TV morning show in Canada) a while back. I ripped the video of the Canada AM website for your viewing pleasure: Video

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Anonymous said...

Workspace is sweet. The views, the lattes, and the Wifi are fantastic!

I regularly get 1.5 MB/sec up and down on the wifi! (megabytes not megabits!)

You should probably add a link in your post to Workspace. The URL is: