Friday, May 19

Great overview of 19 random video sharing sites

Mediathink released a 14 page (or so) whitepaper on May 5th entitled, " Understanding the impact of online video (iVOD) on marketing and advertising".

It looks interesting. One day I'll actually read it and have an opinion to share, maybe tomorrow, maybe never.

It contains an excellent chart of a small percentage of the video sharing sites, most of which have popped up in the last 18 months. Even if you don't read the article the graph is pretty interesting.

Mediathink: Understanding the impact of online video (iVOD) on marketing and advertising

One important side note. I love that they've seen fit to try coin their own name for this little revolution in media; "iVOD". And here people I know have been arguing about terms like vlogging, video podcasting, videocasting, and all manner of terminology for the last 18 months and I've never heard someone once call it iVOD'ing.

iVOD'ing, can I use it that way? How about plural? iVODs? I wouldn't want to sound like an idiot. Perhaps Mediathink should publish a glossary of terms so we mere mortals can educate ourselves so we don't sound like idiots when we emulate them.


Sorry, that was cruel. We all make up our own silly words. It's natural, but the emphasis is still on silly. I guess Meediathink is just as silly as the rest of us.