Saturday, April 22

Something else for the pan. :)

"Mr. Rogers Breakdancing"

Mr. Rodgers freaks me out.

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It's not that he doesn't have the moves, or that he's blatantly ripping off that time Mr. T tried to learn breakdancing, but he sounds creepy while he does it.

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Friday, April 21

"Laser Cats", Another short from SNL by the Andy Amberg and the Lonely Island Guys.

"Laser Cats"

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Cats that shoot lasers from their mouths. Another SNL digital short that shows that you really don't need to pay attention to anything that doesn't involve Andy Samberg.

(Via Mefeedia) is a one of a kind video podcast I stumbled on quite some time ago and have been an increasing fan though I've never heard anyone else mention them. So I thought I would. I can't really explain it, it's just beautiful abstract video art. Think of it as time based photography. :)



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iPod video installation 11

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C for Cookie

I couldn't not post this trailer mashup.

"V for Vendetta" meets "C for Cookie".

Elmo at his finest.

"C for Cookie"

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V for Vendetta meets Sesame Street so children everywhere can learn about anarchy.

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Thursday, April 20

An interview with Dave Winer

Sweet, I'm re-vlogging rocketboom. And why the hell not, even though they have a zillion times the traffic as me, there's still value in saying, heh, this is great, I dig this. So here's an interview of Dave Winer, the much loved and often arguable, father of RSS 2.0 w/enclosures and therefore podcasting. I listen to him all the time on podcasts, but rarely do I get to see him on film, so this was a real treat.

Most important quote: "Myspace is training wheels"

I never quite could put my finger on it, but Dave nails it. This to me is what services like Youtube, livejournal and Myspace represent... they're easy little walled garden communities that act as an entry point for many young people and people who are new to the blogosphere. Eventually though most of them will hopefully move onto participating in a larger, more interoperable community, a global community, the world wide blogosphere. (global village anyone?) And there are many facets of the blosphere, in fact it's sliceable in an endless variety of ways, most obviously language, and media type (audio, photo, video) right now. But gradually I hope these soft boundries will continue to mix in a healthy manner, into an endless mix of communities with soft boundries, not hard inoperable boundries like Youtube. So, Enjoy the interview. Thanks Amanda. Oh, and if you follow the link to the original post there's even more interview segments. Be sure to leave some comments on rocketboom. Vloggers love comments! :)

"Thu, 20 Apr 2006 07:35:10 -0600"

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story links: interview with dave winer extended interview: on the future of advertising (mov|wmv), on the history of the personal computer (mov|wmv), on the holiday season (mov|wmv), on habits online (mov|wmv), on the ownership of rss (mov|wmv), on writing style (mov|wmv)

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Saturday, April 8

CD Baby's sales by month through 2005

CD babies sales by month through 2005This may be sort of old news to most. It was posted back on February 8th, but I thought it was interesting just the same.

This graph shows CD Baby's sales numbers by month fince they started back in 1997 through December 2005.

Here are some interesting factoids

2004 CD sales : $7.5M
2005 CD sales: $10.3M

2004 digital sales: $0.76M
2005 digital sales: $3.1M

new CDs added in 2004: 28,285
new CDs added in 2005: 37,798

The increase in digital sales is what I find interesting. It'll be interesting to see what they are in a year or two.

CDBaby is a great story. They may still be doing "only" about $14 million in revenue a year, but they're the best promoter of independant musicians. I'm no musician, but they kick so much butt even I'm tempted to create an album and put it out there. :)

What I'm waiting for is the first seller of independant films and movies. A DVD Baby if you will, but of course DVD's are incosequential. What we're really talking about is purchaseable DIVX and MP4 videos. I have lots of vlogger friends who have indepenant films and film projects and I dream one day they'll be a market just for them.


Monday, April 3

Bent - Circuit Bending Festival

Bent2004DVBlog has had a couple of great posts that caught my eye in the last week. If you enjoyed my recent post on the history of the amen break beat (also via DVblog) you'll certainly enjoy this clip from BENT 2004. It's a good introduction to the musical world of circuit bending and a great reminder to everyone who's going to be in New York on April 19-23 to swing by and check out the Third International Circuit Bending Festival, aka BENT 2006 (

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BENT (2004, 8.43MB, 5 min. ) This short documentary explains what circuit bending is and why you want to attend BENT 2006 , the Third International Circuit Bending Festival , April 19-23, in NYC.

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Will the Summer Make Good for all our Sins - a film short

Will the Summer Make Good for all our Sins - a film short

"Will the Summer Make Good for all our Sins"
A great short film / music video / animation

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Band: MUM
Artist: Marc Craste
Studio AKA, London

Original post, from No fat clips!!!:

Múm revolves around the core trio of Icelanders Gunnar Örn Tynes, Örvar Thóreyjarson Smárason and Kristín Anna Valtysdóttir. Based between Reykjavik and Berlin, since their foundation in 1998, múm have forged a gorgeously warm, rich and melodic take on electronica, imprinting it with their own unique sound.

...The song merges hauntingly beautiful music with darkly sinister lyrics, a style synonymous with Marc Craste’s animations. (Source: Fat Cat)
Marc Craste is the director of numerous award-winning commercials. His short film Jojo in the Stars won both the 2004 BAFTA for Best Animated Short Film & the 2005 Cartoon d'Or.

If you like this short film you might also want to check out the trailer for Jojo in the Stars (Flash required) or this beautiful high res movie poster from 2003.

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