Wednesday, October 26

Touring tip of the day, Smartwool socks rule

If your touring in the fall or winter don't screw around with bicycle specific socks. Even the best cycling socks like Defeet Woolie Boolies (which I love) will leave your feet cold and clammy after a day of riding at 45 degrees or less. There are cheaper alternatives as well, but absolutely nothing compares to some all merino wool Smartwool brand hiking socks. Your feet will thank you and it'll change your entire trip outlook.

By at least one new pair for your next tour or bikepacking trip and I guarantee you'll end up wearing them the entire trip taking them off only to wash them.

I came to this conclusion after riding the skyline and blue ridge parkway last January but somehow forgot the lesson while biking the NCT (north country trail) in Michigan the last couple weeks. It has been unseasonably cold and very wet.

Disclaimer: I am not a Smartwool rep, nor do I even sell them. I just love their socks.

Thursday, October 13

Gone Touring

6am start. With any luck I'll get in 150 or even 200 miles today.