Saturday, April 22

Something else for the pan. :)

"Mr. Rogers Breakdancing"

Mr. Rodgers freaks me out.

Watch movie (, 3.2 min, 19.4 MB)

Original post, from Film Threat Video:

It's not that he doesn't have the moves, or that he's blatantly ripping off that time Mr. T tried to learn breakdancing, but he sounds creepy while he does it.

(Via Mefeedia)


Mike Machenry said...

I think he freaks all adults out. but i loved him as a kid. I heard a funny story on This American Life recently about a guy who had met Mr. Rogers as a kid, and went back to meet him as an adult. Woah.

Anonymous said...

You're not the only one he freaks out... the man makes a perfect pedophile. I've got to admit, though, I did like it as a child... and it is catatonically relaxing. Aha... I guess he paralyzes his prew with his voice before he strikes!

Unfortunately for me, the link is no longer working to the file... no breakdancing Mr. Rogers for Casey!

Anonymous said...

CRAP! prew=prey... I'm tired, man, stayed up until 5:30am editing and compressing. I can't wait to go home, my eyes are blurry... help me, MOMMY!

Faux Press said...

OMG, Mr. Rogers has always freaked me out too! Even as a kid. Never believed a single thing he said. Thought him a liar, much like I feel in my bones with a kid's instinct that G. B*sh is a liar. don't know.