Saturday, July 30

Roadside Taiwan - More architectural oddities

Hmmm... If people can start collecting and creating galleries of screwed up signs, and broken user interfaces, and cool street art, then perhaps I should start a gallery of favorite post-modern architectural oddities. It's such an interesting genre, and so much material. This one popped up on BoingBoing today. It's a nice bus stop in Taiwan Japan. It's delicious.




Anonymous said...


Dan Bloom

This photo is from Japan, not Taiwan

Hello Dan,
Please see the site above.
We have found that the photo you sent us is from Japan! Not Taiwan, as noted. You gave them the wrong info. [Egg on my face, Dan!]
The bus stop is located at Isahaya City in Nagasaki Prefecture. In this
there are several fruits but stops (as you can see at the site above), which
to be popular features there. It seems that the city government built
unique bus stops to invite many tourists.
Very interesting!
Satoru and Mitsuko, TOKYO

Michael Meiser said...

Very cool, thanks for the background info

Anonymous said...

It is cool, and it would be interesting theme to develop somewhere. These images might pop up one day in cartoon comic strip like ZIPPY, by Bill Griffith. He often depicts scenes like this, and we might even see the watermelon bus stop in one of his future strips. Watch!
- Dan said...

Hello Michael,

This is the first chance I've had to view your vlog. I love the Hershey's kiss vlog. I would love to have it here in LA. I?m curious as to your position on ?corporate sponsorship? for Vlogging. I?ve heard that many of the vloggers involved in the yahoo group are actually ?paid to vlog?. Your comments?

Cheryl Shuman

Anonymous said...

I've been loving this picture series you've been doing, keep 'em coming! Here's a cool modern architecture site.

Anonymous said...

Comic strip character Zippy to stop at that watermelon-shaped bus stop in Japan that is posted above!

American cartoonist Bill Griffith is the creator of a syndicated comic
strip titled "Zippy" that appears in over 500 newspapers worldwide,
including the US, Canada, Japan and Taiwan. Word has it that Mr.
Griffith, once based
in San Francisco in the world of underground comics and now living and
working in Connecticut, found this website in Japanese [ ]
with pictures of some very unique fruit-shaped municipal bus stops in
Ishaya City. He was especially taken with the watermelon-shaped bus
stop, according to rumors in the Internet underground -- the Undernet?
the Interground? -- and plans to use the image
[ ]
in one of his upcoming strips. Stay tuned to this website for this
worldwide exclusive! I will let you know the day it appears.

Editor's Note: The photograph here
[ ]
was identified on on July 28 as being shot in Taiwan,
in a post titled "Roadside Taiwan." However, a Taiwanese surfer in
Taipei with keen eyesight noticed that the bench in front of the bus
stop has some words written in Japanese and concluded that the bus
stop could not be in Taiwan and that item submitter "Dan Bloom" (who
now has egg on
his face, among other things!) made an innocent but big mistake by
telling that the watermelon bus stop was in Taiwan.
Further research by an Internet summer intern has ascertained that in fact mis-identified the photo (by taking that silly Bloom at
his word). I correct it here for my readers.