Monday, August 1

macTV Videocast - WWDC 05 Coverage humor

004macteenswwdcI've been checking out macTV a brand spanking new videoblog on all things mac. So far they're just shilling some mac commercials and video propaganda, but then I came across this gem created by Macteens. A wonderful bit of original humor.


It's central bit of humor stems from the shocking announcement from Apple at the World Wide Developers Conference that they were switching to Intel chips. In many ways the community is still reeling. I though it was great, very subtle in it's humor, but watch it, it's high def, 853x480 and 30megs. Not for the week of bandwidth or small of screen.

You can check out more macTV goodness and subscribe to their RSS video feed at the following url. I'm not quite sure who's behind it yet, but if they can get some original content it might really take off.

macTV Videocast


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Anonymous said...

Nice editing and story... I really like the focusing technique.

Viva la Apple!