Sunday, March 6

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - the better trailer

Picture 8
Aha, I like this trailer so much better than that original trailer found on the official home page, or the very useless trailer over on Apple's site which really doesn't show anything from the movie, what's that about? You better be careful with this one though, it's big, 52mb big.

Watch it:
(51.9mb video/quicktime Object)

Picture 3Also, A nice 1280x1024 desktop image (at right).

You know, Im so pimping commercial movies here I should getting paid, but I'm going to justify it because:

a) This is just such an awesome geeky sci-fi book (and now flick) and my friends just won't shut up about it.

b) Because Touchstone Pictures just so gets it, and by gets it I mean by putting not only their trailers online in multiple OPEN and portable / downloadable formats but also other rich media media. They have gotten clued in to the fact that heh, maybe 100's and thousands of people linking to, downloading, talking about and even sharing your film isn't such a bad thing. No DRM, no "streaming only" silliness, no calling your customers thieves and suing them. Heh, maybe someone will make a remix or a fan flick, and how evil genius would that be for everyone? Heh maybee Sundance will get a clue next year?

Finally, as if all that wasn't enough check out these bad boys, high resolution PDF format movie posters. Damn, who does Touchstone think they are?

Picture 2Picture 1

Ok, So, if anyone knows of any fan-flicks, fan-fiction, remixes, or has had any fun with photoshop you must let me know. Not only do my comments work, but you can also email me at

More: There's more stuff, such as a little concept art, available at: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy -- The Official Movie Website

I just couldn't help but through in one more still.
Picture 5


Steve Garfield said...


Thanks for sharing.

So many things are good about it.

ryanne said...

yes yes yes!
i love martin freeman.

thejake420 said...

I agree. The "Internet trailer" was great. It starts off nice and slow, and then... completely out of the blue makes you say "What the HELL was that?!?"

There's no way you can watch the infamous "Internet trailer" and not want to see the movie. It's just such a well-done teaser.

All of the trailers (and a TV commercial, etc.) are available here:

If you're interested in news about the HHGTTG movie, here's a good spot to start:

This site is new, and it came out of nowhere, but it has already become one of the most popular HHGTTG sites in history.