Saturday, March 5

mmeiser blog has recieved it's first ever award!

I'm incredibly honored and proud to announce I have received accolades from my fellow blog citizens, a collaborative blog created by a group friends spread across the states so they could keep in touch. It is an award that is most agreeable, appropriate and befitting of what has become. Cheers! :)'s Blog of the Week:

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Anonymous said...

We're so honored that you're honored! TurkeyMonkey doesn't reach quite the number of eyeballs as, say, BoingBoing, but I think it's safe to say that all ten or eleven of the site's regulars totally dig your site. There may be one oddball who nominated what I think is a Japanese-language website for blog of the week -- and then had the audacity to vote for it, too -- but we'll have him back on his ritalin shortly. In the mean time, in our little corner of the blogosphere, your website is all the buzz.

Love the new trailer for the "Hitchhiker's Guide" movie, by the way. I didn't exactly dislike the preview on the official site so much, but you're right; this new one is way cooler.