Tuesday, March 8

Jermy Allaire and Brightcove - another big player jumps on the citizen media bandwagon

This is big news. It sort of makes sense as Jeremy Allaire has a background with Macromedia and therefore ties to Marc Canter and OurMedia. Things are really starting to get interesting in this internet TV / citizens media arena. Scary.

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It's to bad the BrightCove site is one big huge lame flash app, but at least they have a nice blog I can link too. The Latest from Brightcove

Jeremy Allaire, co-founder of Allaire Corp., whose Cold Fusion software became a staple application of the 1990s web boom, has launched a new venture in Cambridge. BrightCove Inc. plans to offer online video publishers and programmers a direct-to-consumer distribution channel through television and the Internet.

In conjunction with the company?s launch, it has received $5.5 million in Series A funding from General Catalyst Partners of Cambridge and Accel Partners of Palo Alto, Calif. As part of the financing, Jim Breyer of Accel Partners and David Orfao of General Catalyst Partners will be joining the board of directors.

The company cites the ongoing growth of home networking and the development of high-quality, secure rich media formats as some of the key catalysts in the creation of BrightCove. They expect to appeal to a wide variety of customers, from video bloggers to broadcast and online video-on-demand startups.

Allaire, who will act as CEO, said the company?s goal is to ?democratize? the television and video process. Anyone with a camera, an idea and a computer, he said, will be able to put his own programming in front of consumers.

Thoughts, I've really got to say, what in the hell is brightcove doing with their whole website buried in one big flash app! Especially while talking about democratized media and vlogging? #?*!#? I know Jeremy's previous ties to Macromedia means they're highly prone to Flash, but even Macromedia knows you don't bury your whole site in a Flash app that can't be linked into. In fact as people who really should know Flash inside out they should really know better. I can't believe it, a whole news and PR section on Brightcove and I can't link to a single damn thing. It's like they're trying to be deliberately stupid. Like they don't want the press or conversation.

They even have an "in the blogosphere" section in their news section, nary a permalink or trackback. All buried in a single big flash app. Nothing I can even put a link on. There's something so disturbingly and utterly clueless about this. From people who should really, really know better. Sundance is one thing, but Allaire. This seriously disturbs me.

Oh, no you din't! Don't make me whip out my scobolizer inspired rant on you Jeremy Allaire.

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