Saturday, February 26

What in the hell is wrong with flickr!

Update: Strike this post I found it. Flickr moved the different sizes link to the extreme bottom right. Odd place, but it works. I'm such a geek. I think I over-reacted just a little. Well, there's a first time for everything. Flickr Rocks! :)

9153727737315705While I like the new flickr logo I can suddenly no longer access my own newly uploaded photos with a direct url unless I blog them through flickr.

I want to know what's going on but there is no information on their homepage or otherwise. It's obvious they just revamped their services, but they appear to have cut back on at least one core service that I'm really really fond of. I was planning on upgrading my photo account I was experimenting with to the pro account when they come out of beta, but I definitely will not if this is how they're going to play. I am not fond of services who pretend to be free and then hold you randsom, and that is exactly what Flickr appears to be doing. I hope this is just a small oversite or bug because I won't stand for it. No matter how good their services are I will not for an instant trade the freedom of my own work for it.

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