Friday, February 25

Jason Kottke quits his job to blog fulltime - tracking the Kottke meme

Wow, This is getting some good press. Jason Kottke announce Tuesday he was doing as a full-time job. That's a huge leap for anyone, but Jason's going NO ADS / donations only! That's absurdly idealistic. I hope he succeeds. At least he has been blogging for about seven years so I think he knows what he's doing.

He's off to a great start and has already been mentioned in Wired and Red Hering. That's big press, and were's still within about 72 hours of his announcement. He may be the single most powerful blogger in the blogosphere next to the Daily Kos and Instapundit. (On further checking he ranks 29 out of all blogs.)

Here's a rundown of articles on the timeline, including Jason's own posts. Follow along, it's good stuff.

Tuesday, Feb. 22nd 9:04 am Doing as a full-time job (

Tuesday, Feb. 22nd ???, Red Herring is the first of the mainstream press to gets the scoop: RED HERRING | $2.50 for your thoughts - Jason Kottke quits his day job to become a full-time blogger. Will you pay him for that?

Weds, Feb 23rd 2:00 am Wired News: Quit Your Job to Blog, Blog, Blog

Weds, Feb. 23rd 10:49 am Day two of full-time (

Thrs, Feb. 24th 5:02 pm, This one's only a gossip column as it turns out. Slate: Psychiatric Ward? By Bidisha Banerjee

As of right now 2am EST, he's already been mentioned in a total of 10 articles listed on google news: Google Search: "jason kottke"

It's hard to tell how many mentions Kottke has in the blogosphere. Technorati appears to not give a total. Bloglines notes 105 references to his original article at this time.

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