Saturday, February 26

The revolution will be satirized - an iPod parody of the Apple 1984 superbowl ad

Ok, This is not new, it looks like it was made sometime in late 2004, but this is great timing with Apple's announcement of new iPods an overall price drop this week. You will enjoy it. That is not a question.

This is an absolutely beautifully done parody by the NY comedy group The Royal We of Apple's original 1984 superbowl commercial, which was directed by Ridley Scott. I have not yet had a chance to transcribe it or find a transcription, but lets just say out with the old tyrant and in with the new. It's quite hilarious. Enjoy.

Watch it:
(8.9mb video/quicktime Object)

Via: Seth's Blog: Some people like being underdogs

BTW, the video opears to be originally posted by Seth Godin the writer of many fine works on media and culture including Ideavirus. Also of not is The Royal We slogan at the end, "The revolution will be satirized." There is some complex and rightous culture hacking theory at work here. Just something to think about.

Also via: 1984 iPods - The Unofficial Apple Weblog -

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