Saturday, February 26

Redux: Numanuma maiyahi madness

Speaking of idea viruses, (I prefer to call them media viruses) the Numanuma maiyahi madness is still going on, and still picking up steam after more than a month of topping the webpop charts. Yeah, well there are no webpop charts, but you'll just have to trust me. Everyone and their mothers have now danced to this little ditty. Yet somehow I laugh hysterically in a shrill girly voice with my hands waving frantically in the air every time I see a new version. Scary, isn't it.

Watch it: b7943cb9167d711c7728df1db2cd5ecb.wmv
(4.4mb Windows Media)

I feel no need to talk further about this. Visit my previous post for information on how this cultural fallout happened.

mmeiser blog: Numanuma maiyahi madness.

All I can say is when our past media mavens talked about cultural imperialism, they never though it would lead to this. I think we might have to start calling it cultural terrorism. Somebody set us up the bomb already.

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