Wednesday, February 2

Napoleon Dynamite

dance13 dance08 dance05 dance04
Planning on watching Napoleon Dynamite tonight. Heard so many great things about this movie. Mostly I was sold by the awesomely weird music video I'd Rather Dance With You by the Kings of Convenience.

Music Video: king001_http_300_300.mp4 (17.4mb)

Yeah, that's the sort of style I'm talking about.

Trailer: (10.4mb Quicktime)

Alternate url for trailer: Apple - Trailers - Napoleon Dynamite

More information: IMDB - Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

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Anonymous said...

This comedy?s finest moments lie in Napoleon Dynamite?s quirky mannerisms, peculiar intonation, and despite all this, his unusually confident air. In comparison, Ferris Bueller also had a confident air for a teenager, but he also had an untouchable reputation. In Napoleon Dynamite you will not witness the outrageous wit and unlawful activity of a popular teen, but rather the eccentric ways of a high school outcast. Don?t think that you?ll get dirty jokes and a barely legal eye-full either; American Pie this movie is not.