Wednesday, February 2

Napoleon Dynamite

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Planning on watching Napoleon Dynamite tonight. Heard so many great things about this movie. Mostly I was sold by the awesomely weird music video I'd Rather Dance With You by the Kings of Convenience.

Music Video: king001_http_300_300.mp4 (17.4mb)

Yeah, that's the sort of style I'm talking about.

Trailer: (10.4mb Quicktime)

Alternate url for trailer: Apple - Trailers - Napoleon Dynamite

More information: IMDB - Napoleon Dynamite (2004)


roller said...

I wish I had SKILLS. DAMN.

Eh, now i'm forced to listen to Riot all morning. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

This comedy?s finest moments lie in Napoleon Dynamite?s quirky mannerisms, peculiar intonation, and despite all this, his unusually confident air. In comparison, Ferris Bueller also had a confident air for a teenager, but he also had an untouchable reputation. In Napoleon Dynamite you will not witness the outrageous wit and unlawful activity of a popular teen, but rather the eccentric ways of a high school outcast. Don?t think that you?ll get dirty jokes and a barely legal eye-full either; American Pie this movie is not.

Eric said...

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THINKING said...
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