Wednesday, February 2

Bird houses in Turkey

Amazing article on the inclusion of birdhouses in Turkish architecture.

"One of the most beautiful examples of civilian architecture, bird houses are the centre of attraction on any building. Some have been added following construction, others built in at the start. We encounter them everywhere--on mosques, madrasas, libraries, houses, inns, baths, tombs, bridges, churches, synagogues, and even palaces, in short, in every place that has been touched by human hands.
Bird houses are a symbol of the value and importance Turks place on animals, especially birds. Several foundations were founded in the Ottoman period for the care and protection of animals. Some of these foundations specialized in feeding birds on cold winter days, caring for and treating sick storks, and providing food and water to animals in general.

Bird houses in Turkey

Via: Boing Boing: Turkey's lovely 15th century Ottoman birdhouses

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