Friday, February 4

ColdCut, 'Music for 18 Musicians' - a different sort of music video

hollis-posterframeI sift through dozens of video feeds every day. Sometimes it can become a little tedious, but sometimes I stumble across an unexpected surprise which makes it all worthwhile. This is a promotional music video for the ColdCut track titled 'Music for 18 Musicians' but it's full of facinating and beautiful abstractions and whitespace both visually and audibly. It's six and a half minutes long, so I suggest downloading it, sitting back, putting your feet up and playing it full screen.

Watch it:
(32mb / 6.5min / QuickTime)

Jeremy Hollister is a visual effects artist living in NYC and working mainly for music videos and television commercials. He sent us a videotape.
It's a promotional video for the ColdCut track titled 'Music for 18 Musicians' on the Reich Remixed album, and the beautiful visual soundscape fascinates viewers' eyes. He has done a number of promos. We interviewed him about the broadcast design scene in the US etc.


"Architecture always fascinates me and I think that modernist buildings such as those by Saarinen and Niemeyer (even though he seemed to a have certain level of disregard for how some of the buildings would work in practical use) are beautiful studies of form and contrast in space. I thought that it would be interesting to explore these ideas of form and space through the live action using different architectural icons, vast spaces and minimal action from the model/actress to enhance this. We used the white fields of color to anchor the visual theme, restricting the palette to white and blue. The goal was to create an abstract visual soundscape of repeating key themes with slight changes, mirroring the tonal variations in Reich's compositions."

Via: Steve Reich, Jeremy Hollister, Coldcut

Also Via: demandmedia || Music For 18 Musicians

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