Wednesday, January 19

Oskar - a book shaped lamp


From: Funfurde: oskar.
"The Oskar is one of those 'why didn't I think of it?' design ideas. It's a book light that's actually shaped like a book, made in fact to sit unobtrusively among books. It can even be used as a bookend, which is pretty nifty. (You can also use it as just a regular table lamp, but for me that doesn't hold much appeal.)"

It really is brilliant. I could use a couple myself, but here's the catch. It's $465! That's absurd. I guess I'm going to have to either make my own, or wait till someone else knocks it off. Sorry, but as a commentor pointed out on Funfurde, I could go to Ikea and by the bookshelf, the end table a few lamps, and swing by a bookstore on the way home and still have enough left over to buy myself a library. Not that I own or would ever buy anything from Ikea, but it's a good threat. :)

Link: Design Within Reach - Oskar Table Lamp

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Anonymous said...

$465.00...Absurd!! Who is the idoit who priced this...a great idea with a stupid cost...frankly pisses me off!