Wednesday, January 19

CBC Nerve

I had a really great post prepared for this, but Safari up and crashed. Anyway, Nerve is a colaborative multi-media journalism site. Lot's of great video content created by it's own viewers. Only in it's second addition. Reminds me of TokyoDV. You should check it out.

Now you've heard from us, we wanna hear from you. What?s your story? If you have something to say to the world and want to make your grand appearance, drop us an email and tell us what you or your friends are up to.

OR if you?re more of a behind the scenes person and fancy yourself an aspiring Coppola or the next Jackass, put some tape together that will impress, depress, inspire or light a fire, and get it in to us. Impress us with your concept and we'll hook you up with a camera crew that YOU GET TO DIRECT and shoot your own story to appear on future episodes of nerve. If it?s as good as you say it is, we'll even air it. Next comes Sundance, Cannes, Venice...just remember where you got your start."

CBC Nerve

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