Thursday, January 20

Bush Allegiance

yes%20we%20know%20its%20really%20hook%20emThere's been much adieu about Jenna Bush apparently making the sign of Satan at her daddy's inauguration. She is in fact just showing her allegiance to the University of Texas. All the same it's a moment of cultural zen. At one point or another nearly every member of the Bush family has been shown flashing the sign. At right is Lara showing her allegiance to UT for their Rose Bowl win.

Wonkette - Laura Bush Shows Her Allegiance

Boing Boing: "Jenna hearts Satan" T-shirts

Boing Boing: Jenna Bush, Spawn of Satan



Anonymous said...

Those T-Shirts Rock - I got this one

Michael Meiser said...

I'm not sure wether that's spam, or just plain hillarious but I pretty much agree, so I'm leaving it. Those shirts rock. Can you buy me one while you're at it? I'm a double-X, that's tall, not wide. ;)

Sorry, it's just to funny.