Tuesday, August 17

Olympic Mascots Called Animated Condoms

They're getting more bad press than the Olsen twins, and worse reviews than the latest Spike Lee flick. Olympic mascots Phevos and Athena, siblings named for a pair of Greek deities, are catching an ungodly amount of abuse around Athens.

The pair were derided in various news articles, described as animated condoms and mutants from a nuclear meltdown. Their names were co-opted by anti-Olympic activists, who promptly firebombed two government vehicles in February.
Article: Calgary Herald - canada.com network

via Adrants: Olympic Mascots Called Animated Condoms

note: The Calgary Herald seems to have removed the original article but it lives on through google cache. If they get it removed from google, then just let me know and I'll post it on my server. This removal of articles as a form of censorship will never work. Once it's out there, it's out there people. There is no shutting down freedom of speach online. If you squelch one voice a thousand more will step up to take it's voice.

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