Tuesday, August 17

RFID 'Lamps' Map the Physical World — the new architecture of information


The time is soon coming when a hand held device might provide infinite google type information not just in stores but in all aspects of life. An "ambient technology" where a simple handheld device might be a launch pad for further information, similar to a camera but in addition to just chronicling information, also allowing for real-time further information gathering. I predict this will soon be a revolutionizing feature for cell-phone/PDA/camera devices. The future is very close it primarily is waiting for higher speed, more ubiquitous wireless data. This is just out of reach of the the T-mobile Sidekick or Sprint PCS Vision or Blackberry solutions. The only real issue is to demonstrate market demand and make "always on" wireless data devices with low latency to keep the responses quick. We're so very, very close.

RFID 'Lamps' Map the Physical World

One further point, mix this automatic information launch pad with a little GPS and you'd have a device capable of chronicing not just what and when you looked at something, but also where. You could create 3D geographical memory models. Very interesting, but not without privacy issues.

I'm still waiting for cameras that not only stamp date/time information but also GPS information. Very, very, cool.

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