Tuesday, August 17

Athens 2004 hyperlink policy absurdness

Being inspired by this policy I will (in the coming days) seek to illustrate for everyone how not to link to the Athens 2004 website. Furthermore I encourage others to do so in memory of the fun, open spirit that the olympics once was. I will start right now by breaking point (A) of Athens2004.com's crappy internet hyperlink policy using terms other than "ATHENS 2004", such as "crappy" in linking to the site. ; )
ATHENS 2004 Organising Commitee for the Olympic Games -Website Hyperlink Policy

For your protection and ours we have established a procedure for parties wishing to introduce a link to the ATHENS 2004 website on their site. By introducing a link to the ATHENS 2004 official Website on your site you are agreeing to comply with the ATHENS 2004 Website General Terms and Conditions. In order to place a link embedded in copy interested parties should:

a) Use the term ATHENS 2004 only, and no other term as the text referent

b) Not associate the link with any image, esp. the ATHENS 2004 Emblem (see paragraph below)

c) Send a request letter to the Internet Department stating:

· Short description of site

· Reason for linking

· Unique URL containing the link (if no unique URL than just the main URL)

· Publishing period

· Contact point (e-mail address)

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