Tuesday, June 22

Explodingdog.com — my new favorite blog of the moment

Oh blog, you are great. Like the blues, good blues, blues music, you make me smile when I am down. You remind me what is important:You may not know that you are a blog, but you are a blog, and because you are such a great blog, even though you know not that you are a blog, I nominate thee for my highest blog honor, blog of all blogs, I nominate thee, thee are now a candidate.

OFFICIAL NOMINEE: My McBlog Trendz Blog of the Year
  • my fav emo-blog
  • first evah emo-blog
  • artness that uses a firm grasp of the engrish language, speling and stuff to exspress themselves
Not only can you buy tshirts and stuff, but it's soon to be a book! Here's a good self congratulatory quote from the press release (PDF format)
Amazing Rain... The first trade book by the popular online star Sam Brown of www.explodingdog.com

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