Tuesday, June 22

Ensucklopedia Culture &mdash just in time for Christmas!

Improper english is fun. In fact improper english is an ever growing trend among blogs and internet culture. Not a day goes buy that someone doesn't put up another web site or another blog dedicated in some small way to the deteriorating the english language, and I for one absolutely love it. I'm dedicating this post to those who bastardize the english language. You make the intarweb great!

It is no mistake that when view the Amazon page for Explodingdog.com's new book, Amazing Rain you are lead to related purchases such as Suicidegirls and The Self-Destruction Handbook. In fact Sam Brown of ExplodingDog.com created the cover for The Self-Destruction Handbook. However, what interests me is the related purchase Mtv's Beavis and Butthead's Ensucklopedia. You see, the Ensuckclopedia is all about the bastardization of the english language for fun, profit and self effacement as is Explodingdog.com. Which brings me to my point. Bad english is awesome

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Be sure to check out the Engrish.com weblog to keep up on how the Japanese are using bad English ...because bad english is fun.

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