Saturday, January 8

Checking in from cumberland Maryland

Cumberland has no Verizon coverage so I stopped for some WiFi and a beer. Got in late because I was having to much fun in the snow after I left rockwood, PA. (pics forthcoming) I was only planning on going to meyersdale or frostburg Maryland but like I said I got carried away.

Will probably camp at the nearest hiker/biker camp which I believe is east of town. Playing it by the seat of ones pants is great. I almost gave myself frostbite though descending the pass between meyersdale and cumberland. It was a fairly easy climb, but I was not expecting 9 to 12 miles of downhill. Never though I'd curse a downhill, but that's what happens when you wing it. All in good fun.

Baltimore Street Grill
1 (301) 724-1711
82 Baltimore Street, Cumberland, MD 21502-3027

Currently touring the blue ridge parkway,
photos: sent from my Android HTC Incredible

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