Monday, March 2

Vicious Cycles 80mm rims

I forgot to take a picture of them, probably because they were the first thing I saw when I walked in the door at NAHBS, but I talked to the Vicious Cycles rep at the show and saw them with my own eyes.

Vicious cycles will be producing an 80mm production rim as as an alternative to the Surly Large Marge 65mm. While technically you can use up to a 100mm with the Surly Pugsley / Endomorph tire combination, the 80 is perhaps the perfect size as it can slide easily in and out of the dropouts without removing the disc brake calipers.

The 80mm rim will be available with regular and offset spoke holes through Vicious and QBP though there have been some delays in the initial shipments. They also weigh 1100 or so grams which I assume is only about 50-100 grams more then the Surly Large Marge Rim, and this is undrilled. Many people are drilling out large portions of the fat bike rims to drop weight and the vicious rim should be perfect for this.

BTW, I'm not sure I remember correctly but I believe these rims will be called the "big betty" or "big bertha".

No information is yet to be found on the Vicious site that I can see so you'll have to call them for details. Be sure to suggest they update their site.

photo via pedals on Flickr

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