Wednesday, March 4

Snowzilla squad suffers setback at City Hall

Did you know snowmen were picketing at Anchorage city hall in December in an apparent attempt to win political favor for Snowzilla, one mans giant homage to the snow god?

Select quotes:
"A small, misshapen snowman protester appeared in front of City Hall earlier this week. Reinforcements arrived Thursday."

"A group of snowman protesters — apparently rallying in support of the towering Anchorage outlaw — appeared on Christmas Day in front of City Hall. They carried signs that read 'Snowzilla needs a bailout' and 'Snowmen have rights too.'"

"Today the remains of the protesters lay in frozen pieces. Their signs sat in a nearby Dumpster."

Do yourself a favor and read the whole thing. Not to trivialize the very serious plight of Snowzilla but it's just hilarious.

Full article: Snowzilla squad suffers setback at City Hall |

Stories like this make me want to move to Anchorage post-haste.

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