Sunday, February 18

Youtube'r LisaNova goes to Mad TV

This just crossed the wires via the Yahoo videoblogging group. The Youtuber known as LisaNova has signed with MadTV. If I'm not mistaken she's the second youtuber to cross over to mainstream media. Youtube user "Brookers" was the first. She signed with Carson Daly Productions a few months back.

Watch LisaNova's announcement

Original post on February 12, 2007 from YouTube :: Videos by LisaNova: (RSS feed)
Just wanted to make a quick video saying thanks to Youtube and everyone who watched my videos. My first episode airs on FOX on Saturday Feb. 17th @ 11PM Author: LisaNova Keywords: LisaNova MadTV YouTube Thanks Added: February 12, 2007
I've started a guide on mefeedia for podcasters and videobloggers and youtubers who have crossed over to broadcast / mainstream media.

Cross-over - a guide to videobloggers, youtubers and podcasters who've crossed over to mainstream media.

I know there are quite a few podcasters and a few other videobloggers who've made the leap and would appreciate any reminders if you know someone I've missed.

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