Sunday, February 18

Transparent City

I don't have the translation but I love the premise of this video not to mention the graphics. The transparent society. Oh so pretty, oh so scarry. What do we gain, what do we loose? How do we re-define public and private space not only in cyberspace but in the new world order.

Perhaps someone will leave a translation and some background info in the comments.

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There's a new web portal about your town, in town. So, if you're German, say bye bye to your privacy.The nice piece of eye candiness has been directed by Marc Raymond Wilkins at BigFish Filmproduktion.

C'è un nuovo portale sulla tua città, in città. Perciò, se sei tedesco, dì pure addio alla tua privacy...Un bel pezzo di zucchero oculare, diretto da Marc Raymond Wilkins presso BigFish Filmproduktion.

(Via Mefeedia)

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