Monday, December 18

Participatory culture, the things we create have magic powers

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The things that people have made themselves have magic powers. They have hidden meaning's that others can't see.

This from a craft makers manifesto posted by Phil torrone on his Flickr feed, but it bears some strong parrellels to not only why we make crafts, but also media, and why not why we create and develop software. In fact anyone with a creative bone in their body will recognize the points here.

We are all makers. We're all creators. It's not just the story of crafts. It's the story of media makers as well... and not just media makers... but the makers of software and webservices that make the media making possible. But I am being redundant. :)


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Michael Meiser said...

Actually, after reviewing this again, I see that perhaps there is something missing.

Creating is a form of narative... the process of creating is a narrative itselve.

narrative is the heart of majic.

Creation not comsumption is the true heart of the narative and all the majic it emboddies.

There is majic in watching a movie or in reading a book, but the true magic is in writing a book or making a movie.

This magic is nothing less than the creation and fabrication of meaning iself.

Where once there was nothing, there is now something of great meaning and value. This is the nature of all things creative.