Saturday, December 16

A Charlie Brown Christmas Remix

I'm flumuxed by this enigma. A remix of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" with a new script and voice overs by the cast of the television show "Scrubs". I don't have the backstory of this posting yet. I don't see how the Scrubs crew could have gotten permission for the Peanuts gang, but the production quality is high I'm guessing it must have been done as some sort of in-house christmas video card, now leeked onto the web. Reminds me of the christmas video that led to the creation of the TV show South Park.

Watch movie (53 MB, 9.3 min)

Original post on December 14, 2006 from Film Threat: (RSS feed)

Former "Scrubs" production assistant Ryan A. Levin presents the Charlie Brown classic, as re-dubbed by the cast of "Scrubs"...

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