Thursday, December 14

Lip Dubbing: Endless Dream from Jakob Lodwick

A fun suggestion to videobloggers everywhere. Record yourself while walking along singing or lip-singing to your favorite song on your iPod. When you get home redub the acutal mp3 of the song over the video of yourself. Post it to your vlog and be sure to tag it "lipdubbing".

Enjoy: Watch movie

Original post on December 14, 2006 from Vimeo / mmeiser's contacts' video clips: (RSS feed)

From jakob:I walked around with a song playing in my headphones, and recorded myself singing. When I got home I opened it in iMovie and added an MP3 of the actual song, and synchronized it with my video. Is there a name for this? If not, I suggest 'lip dubbing'. Music by Apes + Androids

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missbhavens said...

Oh yeah. You can pretty much count on me to do this.

Anonymous said...

That's fun, when I go to NYC I think I'll do this... if not before then.