Saturday, June 17


YouTubeHackHa, I've been riffing on Youtube for a while, and this is a little old, from the 3rd, but yeah, apparently Youtube thinks it's own evilness is funny.

They were doing some maintence and temporarily riffed the old "All your base are belong to us" meme posting "all your video are belong to us" on their homepage.

The thing is I don't think anyone was laughing considering that youtube really is a media trap and all. Not only can you not download your own videos, but you also give away a tremendous amount of your rights to youtube for them to use your media however they pleased. Your recourse? To cancel your account.

Anyway, all this is to say one thing,

Youtube is a media trap, you've been warned.

more info: People With Ideas » Blog Archive » YouTube: ALL YOUR VIDEOS ARE BELONG TO US

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