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CD Baby's sales by month through 2005

CD babies sales by month through 2005This may be sort of old news to most. It was posted back on February 8th, but I thought it was interesting just the same.

This graph shows CD Baby's sales numbers by month fince they started back in 1997 through December 2005.

Here are some interesting factoids

2004 CD sales : $7.5M
2005 CD sales: $10.3M

2004 digital sales: $0.76M
2005 digital sales: $3.1M

new CDs added in 2004: 28,285
new CDs added in 2005: 37,798

The increase in digital sales is what I find interesting. It'll be interesting to see what they are in a year or two.

CDBaby is a great story. They may still be doing "only" about $14 million in revenue a year, but they're the best promoter of independant musicians. I'm no musician, but they kick so much butt even I'm tempted to create an album and put it out there. :)

What I'm waiting for is the first seller of independant films and movies. A DVD Baby if you will, but of course DVD's are incosequential. What we're really talking about is purchaseable DIVX and MP4 videos. I have lots of vlogger friends who have indepenant films and film projects and I dream one day they'll be a market just for them.


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