Tuesday, March 28

PR on mefeedia

Interesting profile of mefeedia: Under the Radar » Blog Archive » Feed Me Meedia one of two interesting today.

Sector: media search

Secret Sauce: Mefeedia is a small startup company based in New York City whose mission is to make independent video on the internet easy to find and share. Mefeedia is a videoblog directory on the web, considered by many to be the first of its kind. In 2004, Jay Dedman and Peter Van Dijk started the videoblogging mailing list. Today, Mefeedia is building a ?kind of IMDB for independent video. Make independent video easy to find.? To find your way around our 248,616 videos, Mefeedia has tags and an extensive directory of vlogs (6,813 videoblogs). The service is free with future optional pro features in the works. Peter Van Dijck, founder of Mefeedia: ?Quite a few people have told me they?ve temporarily stopped watching regular television altogether, at least for a while. There is too much good stuff out there.? Mefeedia focuses on the video that is being produced by ?videobloggers?, thousands of people who are creating all sorts of short videos and publishing them on their blog. Mefeedia functions as an aggregator, a portal where you can discover these videoblogs.
Peter Van Dijck: ?The future is here: the video iPod, iTunes video, the PSP, the upcoming XBox: people are getting access to millions of channels of video. And at the same time regular people can now finally publish video online easily. In this future, your favourite tv channel might soon be someone you know.?

Competitors: PodZinger, PodScope

Headquarters: New York, NY

Founded: 2004

Management: Peter Van Dijck is the founder ? he is a well known information architect and author.

Seen and Heard: Named ?Best of the Web? by BusinessWeek and Forbes. Also Time wrote, ?If video blogs are your thing, try Mefeedia.?

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