Tuesday, March 28

Feedback on mefeedia

A second very interesting post about mefeedia today.

From: A Zulu In Silicon Valley

I like mefeedia. Why?

Because unlike Yahoo! Podcasts (which I like), I can accumulate all my video feeds into a single feed which I can stream into my iTunes player. And this is great because I can only add video posts within feeds that match my tags selected.

And tags are well structured by place, topic, person, language or event. I find this service really easy to use. I can browse video podcasts or add my own feeds. It's nice and easy.

I also like their 'related tags' section which allows me to browse forever.Outside of adding feeds, you can manually add individual videos by clicking a 'queue' button.

This service is not pretty, but it's fun to use and easy to get going. I have no idea how they intend to make money though...

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