Tuesday, November 8

Official Google Video Blog


I love it. I just noticed google has a video blog to go with their new(ish) video search. It doesn't have a full RSS 2.0 video podcast feed because all the links point to google's website for video playback in their Flash player, but it does at least have an atom feed.

Link: Official Google Video Blog

Some side notes: Google has some VERY significant legal issues with their video search. It's spectacular but unbelievably they re-compress and re-compress and redistribute EVERY video so it can be played back in their standard Flash player. Not just a legal issue, but also a HUGE logistical undertaking. I can't imagine them re-compressing videos in real time to stream to you, but I also cannot imagine them caching what appears to be every video on the web!?

Personally, I think we have to rethink what it means to "redistribute" content. I'd not consider codec shifting (aka. format shifting) to enable playback on different platforms to be redistribution as long as it doesn't break any DRM, but I highly doubt the rest of the world sees this as fair use. One thing is certain though, we need this type of forward thinking innovation to push the resolution of copyright issues in this digital age.

That said Google is way to progressive for the current legal climate. By moving videos into their interface they could arguably deprive video creators of traffic and ad impressions. I'm also a little curious as to why google provides no links back directly to the video, nor information about the original format making it at times very hard if not impossible to find the link to the original video. I thought this was a search engine. If I can't actually find the original video exactly what is the point?

Now, just for the hell of it I'm going to try re-blogging one of google's Flash videos. I doubt this will work in iTunes, but hopefully it will work in FireAnt.

Watch it in Flash: Sandboarding in Chile (.swf)

Well, I couldn't find the original from google's site. (Great search engine eh.) So enjoy this video of Cameron Diaz going sandboarding in Chile instead of the non-flash version: Cameron_Diaz_trippin_in_chile_sandboarding_HQ.wmv

(via google's video blog


Markus Sandy said...

Nope. The video did not play for me on FireAnt Mac. I did get a different kind of player showing up in FireAnt, but the video did not play.

Michael Meiser said...


I need to post an update.