Thursday, August 4

More slightly obscure architecture

Spotted by Chuck Olsen of Blogumentary in Woods Hole, Mass.

"This geodesic dome was built by Buckminster Fuller when he was still at MIT in 1953 and is the oldest standing geodesic structure still standing. It's in Woods Hole, Mass. in Cape Cod. Sweet eh?"

From: I am King Shit of Geodesic Dome Mountain on Flickr - Photo Sharing!



Anonymous said...

Before the hippies
started communing in them.

Michael Meiser said...

Howdy Erik, hope you're having fun on your trip. My offer still stands if you're swinging through ohio or Michigan. We're right on the east west corridor, only 15 minutes north the ohio turnpike in Michigan and we've got plenty of space both indoors and out if you prefer to camp.

Anonymous said...

My dad studied with Bucky in the 60s!

Michael Meiser said...

Howdy Bre. That's pretty cool.

Studied with him? A professor, or a fellow student?