Friday, August 5

The Found Footage Film Festival

This is my kind of film fest, the Found Footage Festival. It's been making the circuit since April 2004 and is still traveling the local theatre circuit with many upcomind screening dates. If there's one thing I could suceed at it's curating a found footage festival. If they gave out oscars for it I could win one in the found footage category I have hundreds of gigs of primo stuff. In fact I have half the clips in this little preview of the festival.

Watch it:
(video/quicktime Object)

The Found Footage Festival

We need to see more of this. I'm thinking a currated festival in NY or Chicago or LA with websites to take submissions and judge entries. Perhaps we can put something together with the residents of the vlogosphere, and make it like an open mic night. Channel 101 has the right idea, btw they just started a New York chapter, channel 102.

Everyone loves a film festival.

(Thank's for the tip faster panda kill kill)


Clark ov Saturn said...

that was some killer stuff, that wendy's video, oh my... hhaahaa. i think they're doing a screening of this for the rooftop film fest series and it's happening on a boat or something... (how's that for specific info?)

Anonymous said...

This was incredibly funny!
The "Fuck" guy, the Wendy's video "ohmygad!"
Its amazing! Great collage!