Sunday, June 12

The Long Tail

The Long TailBut what's the long tail all about you say?

Anil Dash has got it all figured out. :)

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Markus Sandy said...

If this guy really knew anything about long tail, he would put more time into product improvement instead of silly photos.

I recently wrote about issues with TypePad and this "clown" came over and, instead of trying to resolve the issue, he offered bullshit for information (contradicting his own support team).

Worse, he tried to sell me on moving from TypePad to Movable Type (yeah, right). Days later, the problem unresolved, this jerk comes back and only wants to know if I have reconsidered mving to MT.

Sure lot's of people think Anil's a great guy, but I think we could all use a little "Dash" of reality...

I have one word for the clueless (or cluetrainless): Wordpress.