Monday, July 4

Inside the Tornado and other good summer adventures

Hot damn, I just love the storm chasing footage.This is from Josh Kinberg. They were definitely NOT inside a Tornado or they REALLY would have known it, but hot damn, they seem to have gotten pretty close, not that that's something to be desired, they're very lucky they didn't get nailed with golf ball or softball size hail among other things. There's no place to run when you're driving through Nebraska. I've done the similar trip from Chicago to Denver a couple times myself.

tornadoAnyway, I couldn't NOT re-vlog it.

It looks like I'm not the only one who's been distracted with summer travel fun. In fact it looks like everyone's been distracted in the last couple weeks with great summer fun. Jay and Rynanne are off camping. Josh's helping friends move and learning to play "shit head". A lot of traveling going on. I myself haven't even blogged in about two or three weeks. :( Good summer distractions like weddings in St. Louis, and I just got back from Columbus Ohio and even further down in downstate Ohio. I was really shocked to find myself in the Appalachians, a completely unexpected suprise. It's been so long since I've driven through them and so long (15+ years) since I've been that far down in Ohio I forgot they stretched that far west. Simply beautiful country, but so damn far off the beaten path! Thank god I had been trying out the new iTunes with podcasting as I discovered I had all this simply awesome IT Conversations, Gilmore Gang and other podcasts from Gnomedex.

Speaking of which the gnomedex coverage was GREAT. A big thanks to Steve Gilmore, Eric Rice, Adam Curry, Clint Sharp and everyone who podcasted, video blogged, blogged and took photos. Incredible stuff, though never as good as being there. There's something absolutely beautiful about listening to that much technical geekitude in such a place of simple living as the Appalachians. Will post more on my travels later.

Well Enjoy the clip from Josh Kinberg. I can't believe only two people have commented on it, and that includes myself. :)

Watch it:
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