Wednesday, May 4

Podcasting covered down under

Some interesting coverage on the Today Show from April 28th in Australia with one of the people behind the The Podcast Network in Australia. I guess you'd call The Podcast Network the Weblogs, Inc. or Gawker Media of podcasting down under. It's certainly the largest podcasting network in Australia and perhaps in the world now. With lifestyle podcasts on tech, gadgets, tablet pc's, mobile devices, Microsoft development, business, Jazz, Rock, even the AFL and the NBA. It's quite a comprehensive offering.

Mick Stanic of principius was on the Today program last thursday 'So?the interview on the Today Show went really well yesterday (even though I had to be up at 5.30am to get ready and the whole live TV thing is a bit daunting for the first 30 seconds or so) and everyones feedback has been really good. The unfortunate bit is that i didn?t get to cover all of the stats from the month of March i thought we would get to?over 30,000 unique listeners with around 60,000 shows downloaded from 122 countires?oh well?next time.'

Video - TPN_TodayShow_20050428.wmv
(13.8MB - WMV)

Audio - tpn_tpnblog_todayshow_20050429.mp3
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Via: Corporate Engagement: Podcasting covered on Australian TV

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