Wednesday, May 4

Jeff Jarvis on citizen media

I just stumbled across this presentation Jeff Jarvis apparently put together for the Radio Telivion News Director?s Association Convention in Vegas which wrapped up on April 26th. In it he talks about the expansion of citizen's media beyong simply text based blogs to video, aka. vlogging.

Jeff Jarvis who has skyrocketed to fame and, well fame, on the shoulders of the blogging revolution (seen him on MSNBC lately?) has moved his citizen media movement into the video realm and he wants MSM (main stream media) to get the message. I urge you to watch his three minute vlog just for a sense of how easy it's become. Here are some outtakes to get the flavah:

The citizen media movement now comes to broadcast. This will be big...blogs are...It's all about control. My first law of media, and life, is give people control and they will use it. The remote control, not the Guttenberg press, was the most important invention in the history of media for it lets viewers control their consumption of media. How much more powerful it is to create media...I would see this new medium as a way to build a new relationship, a conversation with the audience. [Emphasis mine, obviously.]

Watch it: jarvisrtnda.wmv
(11.1mb WMV)

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