Saturday, May 7

A ninja pays half my rent

a ninja pays half my rentYes, there's just something so inspiring about ninjas, a quality that inspires the most inspired short films. Continuing on the Ninja theme from earlier this week, today I bring you "A Ninja Pays Half My Rent."

Enjoy: A Ninja Pays Half My Rent.wmv
(29mb WMV)


Anonymous said...

i ussed to pay rent to a ninja and well... you show alot of how life was livving with ninja. i remeber when i used to walk over too the bathroom, i had atleast six, seven ninja clinging up on the walls playing X-Box. their nice people thou, they offerd me pizza alot.(Ninja's love pizza) wierd but nice.

Anonymous said...

they should make sequels to this, and make the episodes longer.

Anonymous said...

great way to pay the rent unfortunately if his enemy trails him home