Tuesday, May 17

FireANT for Windows is out in beta!

fireant_sync_300Great news this morning, FireANT for Windows is out in beta!

Get it here! FireANT | Not TV

Download it for Mac or Windows today and experience the true joys of videoblogging! Be sure to blog about it and let everyone know what you think! Make sure you send the developers thanks and report any bugs if you find them. It is only beta after all. :)

Congratulations to Erik, Josh, Jay, and Daniel and the entire FireANT team from myself and on behalf of video blogging enthusiasts everywhere.

Videoblogging can now commence going nuclear!

Well, we can dream can't we?

FireANT is going to need a bigger button.

That's better.


BTW, on a related note it looks like a very similar application just came out this morning also.

MediaTuner.com - Rich Media RSS Aggregator/Player (via)

I know nothing about it nor who's behind it yet, but talk about weird timing.

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