Tuesday, May 17

The worst halftime show ever, or simply the best?

Though I don't usually post or have any interest in purely derogatory and sensless humor I had a friend send me this video with no information and challenge me to find out the story behind it.

Watch it: worst.asf (video/x-ms-asf Object)

It appealed to my sense of daring. Daring to succeed means daring to fail. As such I applaud and am even inspired by, yes, INSPIRED, by the daring of these individuals.

Therefore without so much as a wink, I will accept this challenge. Not for any prospect of other reward but purely because I have a personal need to know the story of these courageous individuals.

Within a few minutes i was able to discover the following possible source.

GorillaMask.net: Worst halftime show ever.

Also, I have learned that this was at one point posted on iFilm's "viral videos" page. True to form iFilm had NO information about this video. iFilm being not any better than GorillaMask.net. Furthermore though Gorilla Mask has choosen to post the video without it's history (as has iFilm) at least they have not vainly attempted to monopolize it's popularity and viral nature by attempting to lock it to their servers and trying to ensure noone can download it or put a direct link to it like iFilm has done. Bravo GorillaMask. Shame on you iFilm.

Back on point. This much is obvious from my first viewing, it seems to be in an older Microsoft ASF format. If it were newer it would be a WMV file. It's probably a college or even high-school level halftime show. The kids are young. Somewhere beween 17 and 24... my best guess after one viewing. Though it appears to be English and possibly even from somewhere in the US there seem to be British and possibly even German accents. Hence it could be somewhere in Europe.

Upon second viewing... it's on a soccer field, definitely NOT U.S. football... and I see soccer scarves and Volkswagen ads... there are rotating ads! I don't recognize any companies besides Volkswagen and I can't make out there full names. However, this is no highshool or even college event. It's got to be a European soccer match. The stadium is to big, the advertising is to well organized, and other context suggests Europe. The proper english and mixed European accents taken into account I'm guessing it's from somewhere in the UK circa 1997 to 2002.

That said, now the real work begins. Tracking down the back story. I welcome anyone reading to try their luck. Someone might even recognize some contextual clue I might have mised. Let the race begin. I wish luck to you please wish me luck in return. I may well need it.

Be sure to check back later for the results. I will post a notation here as well as in a new post so the answer to this riddle is not missed.


Nathan Peters said...

Although you are probably right about it being an older file, ASF doesn't necessarily mean older. ASF (and the corresponding ASX) means it was designed to be streamed over Windows Streaming Media Server. WMV files are created for local playback.

roller said...

leenerbups posts on i-am-bored (near the end) --

It's from the Holland version of American idol. These were the rejects from the auditions.
SO yes, it's real! My favorite: the kid in the sunglasses singing;"A wiftime of pwomises and a wold of dweems!"

That's enough for me, it certainly explains everything.

Anonymous said...

This is from the Orange Bowl that Ashlee Simpson got booed after this horrible rendition of " simply best" I love it when they start screaming at the end and everyone is covering their ears ( they think they are so good) it's kinda sad lol