Thursday, April 14

Promotional blogs on the rise

A mention on vlogging, a mention about the video production diary for Peter Jackson's new King Kong movie... Fox hooks up with friendster for a blog promotion for Pamela Anderson's new show "Stacked", and finally a recap of Lee's "90 ft. babe" godzilla inspired ad and corresponding blog.

"Testing the waters on the TV industry's behalf is FOX, which is using blogs to build a personal relationship between viewers and the stars of its new shows. In an upcoming campaign to promote the new series 'Stacked,' the network is partnering with community site Friendster, using its free blogging service to build excitement around the show. Users can visit the 'Stacked on Friendster Blogs' page and read blogs written by Pamela Anderson and other members of the cast and crew.

The page offers photos from the pilot's taping, blogs (almost 30), and information about the actors' favorite books, music, movies, and, of course, blogs (features that can be added to any Friendster blog). According to FOX, the blogs will be updated throughout the season so viewers can continue to "follow along with exclusive, up-to-date, behind-the-scenes information and insight."
So far, the new breed of promotional bloggers seems to be doing everything right. They have a motive for using the medium; they aren't jumping on the blog bandwagon without good reason. Their sites don't just generate awareness and buzz, but connect consumers with the company's products by inviting them into their personal world. Posts on these blogs have a purpose and allow users to relate to the people behind them.

It will be interesting to see how other industries use blogs as their popularity among marketers grows. How far will companies go to make consumers feel a personal connection to what they're offering? Will their enthusiasm lead to continued improvement or blog overexposure?

Whatever the case, those eager to experiment had better hustle. This window of opportunity won't likely be open for long.

Promotional Blogs on the Rise

This is a far cry from the misteps and backlash from the promotional blogs of last year. I think the key diferences are that this year the expectations are more realistic and the approaches are honest and transparent. No more deception. Are marketing and advertising companies actualy starting to getting blogging?

Often the industry rags are quick to petal the hype. I'm glad is at least backing it up with good info. Thanks clickz.

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