Friday, March 4

Rats: A Sin City Yarn by Pitch Films - a Frank Miller fan flick

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RATS:A SIN CITY YARN-Ripped from the pages of Frank Miller's SIN CITY story LOST, LONELY, AND LETHAL and brought to life in glorious black and white comes this powerful piece of work by Pitch Films. RATS is the short, disturbing tale of an old German War Criminal living in absolute poverty and reflecting on His past life, remembering the attrocities He commited and comparing the human lives He and His army had taken to those of Rats. This is a three minute short so there is not much story, But the way this thing was shot is right on the money. The black and white film and the comic book panel styled cinematography made this film look just like a Frank Miller comic. The actor playing the old War Criminal (James Peak) also looked as if He'd jumped out of a Frank Miller panel, defeated, wrinkled, and hopeless, with a face that looks like it was roughly chisseled out of granite. I would have loved to have seen a longer film in this style but the finished product was so impressive that I'll settle for the three minutes and change.

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Quote From: Fan Films

Also, it was selected by iFilm editors as one of the best shorts of 2004, along with another film short recently mentioned here, Rockfish. I'm increasingly finding things from very closed video websites out on the open web. I wonder if iFilm pays these artists whom they make so much money off of? If so, how much? In fact I would be please if you thought of this as one of your increasingly MANY back doors to content that iFilms hoards with out all the asinine advertising. God praise open media, it will save us all from the treachery and tyranny of closed media. Don't worry about iFilm, I'm sure like many they'll figure out that the game has changed. You can no longer force people to sit through pointless advertising that is longer than the actual content while crushing every ounce of conversation and freedom, especially on works you don't even own. It's a whole new ball game out there, and it's called conversational media. Just an observation. :)

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We don't make any money off of the film. iFilm is more like a YouTube for film makers.

It's not Alpo, it's refried beans.

Alan Rackley