Wednesday, March 23

Podcasting coverage on CNN

Apparently this was suppose to air on CNN last night but was bumped. Eric Rice sent it my way so I thought I'd help scoop it. Good press for podcasting, great press for Michael Geoghegan (who posted it) and his Grape Radio. Dawn and Drew get a nice mention too.

Watch it:
(7.9mb video/quicktime Object)

The producer of the CNN podcasting piece emailed showtimes for the segment. It will appear on this weekend?s Next@Cnn show. One of the shows I produce, Grape Radio, should feature nicely as well as interviews with myself and Harry Shearer on the emergence of podcasting. (For a Spinal Tap fan, appearing in anything with Harry Shearer is just plain cool.) Newsnight with Aaron Brown, the show that originally comissioned the piece, but who held it this week because of breaking news in Atlanta and the Courts will eventually air the piece as well.
— from: Reel Reviews Radio - CNN Airdates for Podcasting Segment

The producer of the CNN podcasting piece emailed new showtimes for the podcasting segment. As those of you that tried to catch it over the weekend know, we were prempted both Saturday and Sunday by ?breaking? Terri Schiavo news.

New Times:

Aaron Brown?s NewsNight Tuesday, March 22:
7:oo PM PST / 10:00 PM EST

(Bumped for story on school shootings.)

Also they will rebroadcast the segment next weekend.

Saturday, March 26:
12:00PM PST / 3:00PM EST
11:oo PM PST / 2:00AM EST

Sunday, March 27:
2:00PM PST / 5:00PM EST

Via: Reel Reviews Radio - CNN Video

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